Over Two Decades of Service to the Intelligence Community

rasResearch Associates of Syracuse (RAS) is a small business located in Rome, NY. We have analyzed, developed, and assessed new concepts for Electronic Intelligence (ELINT), Electronic Support (ES) processing, and Specific Emitter Identification and Tracking (SEI/SET) techniques for over 25 years. Founded in 1986, RAS has contracted with multiple DoD organizations including the US Air Force (Air Force Research Laboratory – Rome Research Site, AFRL Wright Patterson AFB, and Mesa, AZ), US Army (Information and Intelligence Warfare Directorate, Ft. Monmouth and Aviation Missile Research and Deployment Center, AMRDEC, Redstone Arsenal), US Navy (NAVSEA NSWC, NAVAIR PMA-265, and most recently with NUWC and PMS-435), and the National Security Agency (and SEI Program Office) to provide thorough, quality technical engineering analyses and products for DoD ELINT and SIGINT initiatives. RAS has extensive experience in systems engineering, modeling and test, and several generations of precision digital receivers. We are experienced in algorithm development, software and frimware development, pulse feature measurements, automatic modulation recognition, characterization of low probability-of-intercept and wideband signals, real-time ES signal processing consisting of clustering / de-interleaving, discrimination, unambiguous tracking, combat identification, and distortion equalization and their test, evaluation, and integration. RAS is now implementing ISO-9001 and CMMI level 3 processes.