Phase I Awards

  • Air Force
  • Army
  • Navy

Phase II and Phase II Plus Awards

  • Army – Ionosphere Error CorrectionSBIR
  • Army (AMRDEC) – Advanced Detection Techniques for Altimeters (ALPIP)
  • Navy (NAVSEA) – Precision Feature Extraction Preprocessor (ES-PFEP) – completed Navy's Transition Assistance Program (TAP)
  • Air Force – Network Centric Portal
  • Air Force (AFRL-HEAE) – Network Electronic Warfare Training Systems (NEWTS)
  • Navy (SPAWAR) – Spectrometer
  • AFRL – Hardware-Based Broadband Ultra-High Speed Digital Signal Processor (optical channelizer application)
  • Navy (NAVSEA) – Processing Signals in High Density EM Environments (interference mitigation)
  • Navy (NUWC) – Multi-Algorithm Unique Emitter ID (MAUEI)
  • Phase II Plus – Army for Radar Altimeter Collections
  • Navy (NAVSEA) – Automated Radio Frequancy Spectrum Management for Wideband Electronic Warefare Systems (ARFSM)
  • Navy (NAVSEA) – Enhanced De- Interleavers for Submarine Electronic Warfare Systems (RIPSAW)
  • Navy (NAVSEA) – Development of Algorithms for Characterizing Interleaved Emitter Pulse Trains with Complex Modulations (CHIP)
  • Air Force (Warner Robins) – Development of Common Operational Specific Emitter Identification Functionality for Sustained Electronic Warfare Systems (COMOPS)


Phase III Awards / Broad Agency Announcements (BAA)

  • Army (AMRDEC) - System X Collections and Analyses
  • Army (AMRDEC) - CESAD / SET: Navy PFEP IMOP algorithms and AFRL SET for Army proof-of-concept ESM system
  • Navy (NAVAIR) - F-18 Studies: NAVY PFEP IMOP algorithms leveraged AFRL SET processing for NAVAIR digital receiver
  • Navy (NAVSEA / GD / LMCO) - HGHS: ALPIP algorithms and data
  • Navy (NAVSEA) - RIF: MAUEI Transition to Next Generation EW System (for AN/BLQ-10)
  • Navy (NAVSEA): IMOP / IDEC Transition to Navy surface platforms – anticipated