Precision 1RAS has extensive experience in designing and developing systems to accurately measure emitter pulse parameters on detected signals-of-interest (SOIs). This includes not only measurement of classical parameters such as RF frequency, Pulse Width (PW), amplitude, and Time-of-Arrival (TOA), but also measurement of Intentional Modulation on Pulse (IMOP). These pulse parameters are used to generate information on the SOI such as Pulse Repetition Interval (PRI) Type, Scan Type, IMOP Type and RF-Agile Type, all of which may be used to improve emitter tracking and identification. RAS has implemented precision pulse measurement functionality within FPGAs on digital receivers used in both prototype and production EW systems.

Precision 2Our IMOP capability includes identifying the type of modulation (none, PSK, FSK, LFM, NLFM, Composite Modulation, and UNKNOWN), with greater than 95% accuracy at operationally-relevant SNRs, as well as the measurement of pertinent modulation characteristics. Dependent upon the modulation type, these characteristics include the number of chips, min chip width, FM rate and range, BT product, and step size, among others.

Basic IMOP Typing Results vs. SNR

Precision 3