Other ServicesRAS capabilities are by no means limited to the services and expertise identified as our Core Strengths. RAS is able to provide a number of unique services to our customers based upon the enabling talents and experiences of our personnel. For instance, RAS is a highly respected honest broker for the US Department of Defense (DoD), frequently contracted to evaluate (or improve) other vendor's solutions. Due to our knowledge of radar systems and emitter processing, RAS has participated in a number of emitter data collection efforts to expand our own emitter database and those of our customers. Our depth of experience has allowed RAS to develop unique ways to measure, process, and identify unique emitters based upon collected data. In addition, our subject-matter expertise enables us to provide a number of different educational courses for the edification of our clients. Last, but not least, experience in emitter signal collection and analysis enabled our founders to develop the original ELINT and EW National databases, and this experience has allowed RAS to provide recommendations for their continued improvement.